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- Avoiding Shareholder Litigation
- Personally Liable for Acts of Corporation
- Litigation vs. Arbitration
- How Final Are Arbitration Awards
- An Arbitrator's Powers are Limited
- Is Your Partner Using the Recession to Hide Fraud?
- When Seeking Pre-Trial Receivership for Solvent Companies Less May be More
- Arbitration Enforced at Any Cost? Perhaps Not.
- 3-D Movies Fighting for Screen Time
- Business Pays for Court Delays
- YOU'RE EXONERATED: Exploring the “Sham Guaranty” Defense to Eliminate Liability Under a Guaranty
- Will Wall Street Executives Seek the Protection of the Fifth Amendment?
- The Real Estate Market, California’s Anti-Deficiency Laws and Sham Guaranty
- The Sham Guaranty Defense for Partners, Trustees, Corporate Officers and Shareholders
- The Sham Guaranty Defense and Litigation Strategy
- How To Pursue Social Causes Without Risking Shareholder Litigation
- Have Your Shareholder Rights Been Abridged?
- Have a Corporation's Controlling Shareholders Manipulated the Corporation for their Own Self-Interest?
- Have Directors and Officers Engaged in Wrongful Self-Dealing with the Corporation?
- Have the Controlling Shareholders Breached their Fiduciary Duties to the Minority in Transferring Control Shares?
- The 'Sham Guaranty' Defense
- The Sham Loan Guaranty Defense: Little-Known Ways to Protect Partners, Trustees, Corporate Officers, and Shareholders
- Have Directors Improperly Refused to Declare a Dividend?
- Delaware Supreme Court Holds that Corporate Bylaws May Shift Attorney Fees
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