Business Litigation Cases

Skincare Manufacturer
On behalf of an internet skincare manufacturer, Mr. Heller filed suit against a major TV celebrity for breach of a multi-million dollar, exclusive endorsement contract. After a lengthy three-month confidential arbitration, Mr. Heller was successful in settling the case on terms extremely beneficial to his client.

Motion Picture Actor
Mr. Heller represented a major motion picture actor sued for a breach of contract by investors claiming they were owed million of dollars. On the advice of Mr. Heller, the client was able to transfer the case from the public court system to private arbitration. After plaintiffs had put on their case, but before Mr. Heller’s client was required to introduce any evidence or testify, Mr. Heller was able to have the case dismissed, resulting in an arbitration award in favor of his client and no monies paid to the opposing parties.

Motion Picture Producer
Mr. Heller filed suit on behalf of a prominent motion picture producer against his foreign distributor for, among other things, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract. After litigating the matter in the Federal Court, Mr. Heller was able to settle the case for his client for close to seven figures.

Business Owner
On behalf of his client, Mr. Heller filed a lawsuit in Northern California against a text- message infrastructure provider for breach of written agreement. Mr. Heller was able to quickly settle the case for a mid-six figure settlement.

Los Angeles Law Firm
Mr. Heller represented a prominent, boutique law firm sued for fraud and misrepresentation in a South Carolina bankruptcy court where the opponents were claiming millions of dollars in damages. Mr. Heller was able to successfully remove the case from the Federal Court in South Carolina to private arbitration in Los Angeles where the law firm was able to successfully defend the case.