• Robert Heller handles complex disputes involving privately held corporations, LLCs and other related entities.

Shareholder dispute litigation is a detailed and highly complicated area of the law. Through decades of practice, Robert has become well-known and respected in Los Angeles for the depth of his knowledge and experience in this area of corporate law, and he works side-by-side with clients to strongly and powerfully advocate for their interests.

His experience with shareholder disputes covers myriad issues relating to corporate management and operations, including:

  • Governance issues and the disputed direction of the company 
  • Suppression of the rights of minority owners 
  • Buyouts 
  • Compensation paid to principals 
  • Breaches of contract and fiduciary duty
  • Fraud and other torts


Robert also handles a variety of disputes between businesses ranging from contract disputes and shareholder conflicts to partnership/joint venture disputes and various type of business torts.