Real Estate Litigation Cases

National Restaurant Chain
Mr. Heller represented a well-known, national restaurant chain in connection with a complex real estate dispute arising out of a series of transactions going back several decades. In order to resolve this dispute, Mr. Heller filed a declaratory relief lawsuit and then shifted the case to private arbitration. Mr. Heller’s client received an arbitration award in its favor, preserving the client’s lease relationship and resulting in long-term, significant economic benefit. In addition to prevailing in the arbitration, Mr. Heller’s client was granted substantial attorneys’ fees.

Commercial Real Estate Owner
The foreign owner of a residential care facility in the San Diego area was embroiled in a dispute with its operating tenant. On behalf of the client, Mr. Heller filed a breach of contract lawsuit and commenced landlord-tenant proceedings against the tenant. Through Mr. Heller’s successful planning and litigation strategy, the client was eventually able to successfully evict the tenant and obtain a seven-figure settlement of the case.

Office Building Owner
Mr. Heller represented the owner of a downtown Los Angeles office building sued for breaching a contract for the sale of the building. The buyer sought specific performance as well as millions of dollars in damages. In addition, the buyer recorded a lis pendens against the property. Through Mr. Heller’s efforts, the client was successfully able to have the lis pendens removed and an award of attorney’s fees granted. Mr. Heller was thereafter able to have the lawsuit against his client dismissed. In all, the client recouped practically all of his legal fees.