Shareholder Dispute Cases

Public Music Company
Mr. Heller represented a public, music company embroiled in a dispute between a minority shareholder group and the corporation’s officers, directors and majority shareholders. Troubled with the conduct of the business and the misuse of company assets, the minority shareholders sued the company and its officers and directors. Through Mr. Heller’s effective representation of the company, the case settled for close to seven figures with the company receiving a significant portion of the settlement.

Entertainment Industry Investor
Mr. Heller represented a shareholder involved in a dispute and deadlock with the sole other shareholder in an entertainment company. Unable to continue to work with his co-owner, the client wanted to terminate the other shareholder’s employment agreement, eliminate him as an officer and director and take over control of the company. Through Mr. Heller’s advice and guidance, the other shareholder was terminated and, in the face of threatened litigation, Mr. Heller successfully negotiated a settlement and buyout for his client.

Advertising Executives/Owners
Mr. Heller represented two officers, directors and shareholders of a private advertising company who, over the course of time, had been embroiled in disputes and litigation with the third shareholder. With Mr. Heller’s advice and guidance, the clients overcame a restrictive shareholder agreement, significantly increased their remuneration and successfully defended against litigation brought by the third shareholder.

Bankruptcy Reorganization Strategy
Mr. Heller represented the majority control investors in a Los Angeles enterprise involved in a power struggle and dispute with another group of investors. Through Mr. Heller’s guidance, the clients initiated a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization to eliminate the minority group and take over control of the company.